Fried Bananas with Beer Batter 

Anything deep fried is going to be deliriously good. My second daughter loves plantains and burro bananas plainly fried in a pan.  However today was deep fried day.  These mini sweet bananas sell for 99 cents per pound. Stop by the Asian market, pick up sweet mini bananas, the mix and a bottle of beer. I personally like Deschutes Pale ale mirror pond. 

Here’s the recipe. Don’t tell my sister. 😀

No one follows the recipe on the back of the packages, everyone I know improvises…

Mini Fried bananas 

Mini bananas sliced into 3 long pieces  (or regular ones!) 

12 oz package fried banana flour

4 Tablespoon rice flour

4 Tablespoon crisp fried powder mix

1 cup beer

1 cup water

2 Tablespoon  sugar

1 Tablespoon any vegetable oil 

1 Tablespoon sesame oil

2 Tablespoon coconut flakes (I used bob mills dried flakes but forgot to photograph it)

Mix all ingredients together. Completley dredge the banana slices and deep fry. Cool on paper lined cooling rack to absorb some of the oil. 

Enjoy as a snack or maybe westernize it with some vanilla ice cream?


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