Passport to pleasure:  Rainier valley food scene, Seattle. No fuss real food and oh yes best baguette in town

The strange thing about Seattle is just when the weather improves to complete perfection (as soon as school lets out) many go on vacation. For those who stay for staycation days, it just takes the luck of meeting up with old and new friends to fall back in love and awe of your own city.

What we were able to cram in 4 hours: scenic drives along Lake Washington through Mt. Baker Madrona, Leschi neighborhoods.  Tree and lake view hoods: plenty of oohing and aahing as you decide which Lake Washington access park you should stop in to take in the views and lazy walk as you gnaw on fresh baguettes. 

Geraldine’s counter: it’s got to be good if there are 3 steps to magic crust.  the French toast! Local macrina bakery bread, soaked overnight in magic (eggs and milk?), cooked in clarified butter. It doesn’t look like much but one bite and instant landing on the island of  “oh dang where has this been all this time?”

Columbia city bakery: wonderful bread. Like a spot in Paris, the smell sends brain synapses into a frenzy as soon as the doors swing open. Mighty fine yeast to make this stuff. 

Bob’s meat: fresh, fresh and fresh. I don’t eat meat but I cook it for my family. My friend says the quality is superb.  Only spot to get ribs for smoking she says. Can’t wait to have my husband check it out.

Worth the drive – Swing over to Vivace’s coffee in Capital Hill for Coffee and order the nico coffee ($4 for 4 oz…quality over quantity): espresso with fresh cinnamon and orange peel.  Easy decadence. Drive down Aloha avenue and see old money homes.


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