MARCH – a civil rights graphic novel. Congressman / Civil Rights Leader John Lewis: We are a “beloved community to lay down the burden of hate.” 

An honor, a privilege and a delight to hear Congressman and Civil Rights leader  John Lewis last night in Seattle.   Charming and funny and one of the best listeners you can possibly observe, I was just taken away by his natural southern gentleman smarts and ability to look you in the eye. It was a brief 60 seconds of me bantering on and on but he looked me straight in the eyes and  held my hand and I felt he was like yes, I hear you. Truly an honor and humbling experience to meet and hear an American hero.  💖💖💖 

Congressman Lewis was joined by author/member of his staff Andre Aydin and illustrator Nate Powell to discuss their graphic novel series March.  Andre and Nate are your super smart and hard working friends who happen to be book finalists.  Their humble background and tenacity to strive is inspiring.

We are a “beloved community to lay down the burden of hate.” 

The three collaborators spoke on the arduous journey of civil rights and it’s obvious connections to modern day social and political impact. A graphic novel to appeal to young readers. I can’t wait to sit and read this with my school age children. We must teach our  children beyond the basics of that 1 hour civil rights session at school and I have a dream.  

Author Message: We must teach the next generation of young people especially HS and college students the long game – that change takes courage and activism. That books can’t just be written – we must thank  librarians, teachers and individuals that curate and actually  get books to  readers! True true.  Learn  history  and teach history though the lens of our American hero through the March 1-2-3 book series. 


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