Thank you for being late. Thomas Friedman

Joined Microsoft PAC today and treated to an hour talk from New York Times columnist, Pulitzer winning author Thomas Friedman.

Just got the book today.  From his outline of it, I can’t wait to read how he explains  Moore’s law impact on economy, technology and society.  He explains the title allows us to give pause, connect ideas and be engaged with people and the environment around us. Waiting for a friend, colleague offers us a chance to unplug and upload experiences rather than download digital isolation.  “We are all connected but no one is charge.” He asserts that community is an anchor AND a sail. 

He continues to share that according to the US Surgeon General, the prevailing disease in America is isolation.  This made me reflect on my neighbor Mrs. O, who has the most immaculate garden on the block. She just celebrated her 93rd birthday alone.  We gave her a nice potted plant and wished her a happy birthday  that day. Nothing too sentimental just acknowledgement of a milestone. All that beauty she tills for us to enjoy. 

It was a thrill to meet him and get a book signed for my children, one born in 2007. He makes a massive case for 2007’s impact on technology. I’ll let you read that portion of the book and be dutifully impressed.

If you are in the Seattle area considering joining MS PAC. College lecture+TED+…

And you get a free boxed lunch. A great investment of an hour each week. 


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