Calibrate normal with Bolani

Few places in this world where we can sit at a table and converse and enjoy a potluck dinner with old and new friends from Nepal, Iran, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, Afghanistan, Canada, 3rd generation American and Chinese Americans. How cool is America?  That we can have a dinner party and everyone there can speak another language? That we choose each other as company? That we realize we are lucky to have elections. That we can choose to share stories of overcoming bigotry, resentment and anger to rise above the tide. We ate lentils from Nepal, Mexican pie, Italian lasagna, German cakes and Iranian pastries and dipped our Afghan bolani in spicy creamy chutney. 

Blessed to be able to calibrate this joyfully mixed bag gathering as normal for myself and our children. 

Bolani with leeks and pumpkin (very American crop in an old world food).


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