Raclette: gather round for conversation cheese and celebration 

Raclette means to scrape. You melt cheese on the little trays and scrape it onto bread, potatoes, vegetables and meats.  Fun family dinner, easy group entertaining.

With the US elections making everyone overwhelmed and wanting the nail biting to be over, it’s time to slow down with raclette.  

America is truly stronger together. With 100% rain forecasted, we ventured to the mall as a family (rare acivtity)  and took in the browning of America. African Americans,  Asians, Latinos, North Africans, Eastern Europeans, Arab Americans, Middle Eastern, and White  American teenagers, couples, families just lazily enjoying each other’s company with food and shopping…I couldn’t help but think how the fear mongering, decisiveness  and anger stewing in the elections DID not show in  this vignette we call American shopping mall. It made me feel especially grateful for this perfect muddle called America. A land of immigrants who want nothing but to be content, safe, share and contribute.

Enter raclette: If I hadn’t met an Afghan woman who immigrated to Germany, I wouldn’t know what it is…I wouldn’t pass a Swiss tradition to my Chinese American kids. Stronger together.


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