Japanese hotpot with kinki fish yuzu and daikon 

This Japanese style hot pot is light, healthy and a swirl of unexpected flavors. Kinki fish is a rock cod that brings bright flavor to a light soup stock.  Unlike Chinese hot pot, no soy sauce or chili/satay dipping sauce. Instead the condiment is yuzu and finely grated daikon. 

Start with fresh kinki fish. Clean and portion out the fish and keep the head.  Add tombo to a pot of water and cook the tombo (kelp) for about 5 minutes and remove the kelp. Add hondashi, daikon, carrots,  shiitake mushroom. After it comes to a boil add the fish including the head.  Kinki fish is a mild rock fish that has an oily coat. This is what makes the broth glisten with  a lovely mild flavor.

Add favorite veggies and seafoods to the clay pot. I love using yam noodles. Yam noodles taste like vermicelli noodles but it has more density and chewiness. 

Serve with shredded daikon and yuzu sauce. This magical combination of the daikon and yuzu lemon is what makes the soup illuminate warmth and comfort. Perfect for a stormy Seattle evening. 


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