Approachable and easy sushi at home: hand rolls 

Hand rolls are a much simpler and approachable sushi at home experience. Lay stuff out…everyone takes and makes their own.  Cheated today- instead of cooking vinegar rice (which makes the whole house smell like a wet stinky foot) added in pre-made sushi rice vinegar to a fresh pot of short grain rice and it turned out just as well. 

The tamago was much tricker than expected. It isn’t as easy as it seems to make it a buttery yellow.  Happily my Japanese friend said it was great and tastes and looks like what home cooks do. The soy sauce is the brown you see as opposed to restaurants – chefs tends to use dashi (either bonito or shrimp dashi). 

Other than super fresh fish and fresh ingredients…Elemental essentials that elevate: 

Shiso leaves (deliciously paired with mashed pickled plums)

Shredded daikon (I use Japanese mandolin)

Radish sprouts

Picked daikon (buy the natural looking one without the funky looking/tasting bright neon green yellow version)

Buy the precut 1/2 sheet nori

Miso: I cook down a bit of kombu (kelp) for a few minutes and toss out the kelp but keep the salty green base…miso paste, hondashi and water. Bring to a boil. Turn it off add tofu and dried, fresh mushrooms and garnish with chopped  green onions. 


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