an instinctual approach: SF MOMA and Mission district murals 

When I mentioned to a fellow wedding guest the previous night about my excitement to visit SF MOMA, a White man told me, an Asian woman, that it’s full of dead or middle aged white people’s art…that it isn’t a representation of all modern art despite its massive collection.  Well he’s right but it is still worthy.  Newly redesigned and opened May 2016. $25 general admisison and free for those under 18 (terrificly guai!).

By contrast, if you want to see beautiful art made by local Chicanos, go to the Mission District. Two decades ago I took a mural tour and I believe it’s still happening. I didn’t get to walk the mission this time, only enjoyed the murals from the car window but if you come to SF, juxtapose your visit and see two styles of instinctual approaches to art and expression. 

San Franciso residents embody love, kindness,  friendliness, altruism packed into 49 square miles (more if you count the many who have shifted to Oakland to avoid congestion, high rent).  Go see the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort point (better views and less crowds or if you are adventurous the swing at Kirby cove)…then find a neighborhood to explore.

 Small glimpse of Mission mural. The neighborhood is changing with new condos overtaking streets. 


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