Navajo land: antelope canyon (upper and lower canyons) and horseshoe bend, Arizona 

Ready to add a spot on your “oh I need to go see that” list?  Antelope canyon in Arizona is the place. 

Sacred, beautiful and shared by the Navajo tribe since the mid 1990s. In order to see antelope canyon you must go through a tour guide (there are 5 Navajo tribe companies that offer tours).  Fees range from $28-48 for sightseers and double for photographers. But really these images were from my iphone. It’s impossible to take a bad picture of a beautiful place. I can’t wait to see images from my mirrorless camera. Our guide said there are dozens of canyons but only a few are open for tours. Other tribe members have chosen to keep it private. It’s impossible to not feel and say wow the moment you step in. 

Upper canyon: $48 per person through adventurous antelope canyon tours. Bonus: 3 mile off-roading  that leads to an easily accessible opening. 

Lower canyon: $28 fee per person for a hike down to a slot canyon. Steep stairs through a 1/4 mile walk through the canyons. Both tours about 1 hour inside the canyon so plenty of time to take photos. 

Tip the Navajo tour guides. They are really helpful and informative. 

The  American southwest is a canvas of orange gold and red. Repeat exposure is required and essential. Always something new.

Lower antelope canyon:

Upper antelope canyon:

Horseshoe bend and canyon glen dam


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