Naches Peak Loop, Mt. Rainier National Park / Crystal Mountain gondola

There are hikers and then and then there are day trippers. We are day trippers who hiked an easy and beautiful trail called Naches Peak Loop for spectacular views of Mt. Rainier.  Photos are all unedited. I am too amateur and lazy to do anything so what you see is what I took. 😎

Less than two hours from the city and the dense noble firs, mountain flowers, and alpine chipmunks await to show your their house. 

We drove to the relatively new gondolas at Crystal Mountain resort, usually a haven for winter sports but it’s summer in Seattle so time for alluring vistas. Treat at the top: a restaurant, childhood ice cream treats and chairs clinging to the cliff ready for companionship.

Crystal Mountain Gondola, Washington 

Naches peak loop trail, Washington 


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