Laksa noodle soup – mind bending twirl of spicy and creamy

If you like flavor profiles and spicy noodles, laksa noodle soup is your siren call. 

Laksa leaf is a herb widely used in South Eastern Asian countries. It differs from Thai basil, Vietnamese mint and coriander because it’s spicy. Key word spicy, it comes on slowly after a few bites. It’s what makes laksa soup a mind mending twirl. 

Discovered it on a trip to Singapore a few years back and was lucky enough to meet someone locally that shared a recipe. I’ve never seen this combo on any website before so must be very home kitchen cooking for ordinary family dinners, my kind of cooking. 

Enough for 10-15 servings


15-20 shallots, peeled and chopped in food processor 

Handful Dried chili, seeded and soaked

Fresh peppers, finely chopped through food processor 

Chili paste, 2-3 tbsp
Dried shrimp, 1 package (buy the ones from Taiwan), soaked in hot water and drained and wash thoroughly 

2-3 tablespoon chopped fresh galanga

Turmeric powder, 1-2 tsp

Kaffir lime leaves, 6-8 leaves

20 candlenuts finely chopped  

Laksa leaf, 1 bunch 

3-4 stalks Lemongrass finely chopped

Set aside laksa leaf and dried shrimp

In a skillet, add oil and cook down all chopped ingredients and cook it down to a paste. Then turn off heat and add chopped laksa leaf.

In a large pot, add drained dried shrimp and stir it around for a few minutes, then add paste. Fill with water to your preference of soup stock you may need. 

Once it boils, add 1 can coconut milk

Add salt and sugar to taste, it will be spicy

If you have fish sauce (my preference is red boat brand) use it in lieu of salt

Cook rice noodles, drain and cool

Garnish dish with fresh squeezed lime, bean sprouts, laksa and mint leaf. It usually has shrimp (any kind including bay shrimp which helps thicken the sauce), tofu or fish balls. I don’t like the MSG sugariness of fish balls and opted for tofu puffs instead.

I didn’t use dried red chili this time because it would be too spicy for my son to eat it. I cheated and used 2 tsp of chili oil in lieu of dried chili. Adjust spiciness to however many “stars” you are  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.


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