Catch the wind-Free Sunday public sailing at Seattle wooden boat center 

Martime for everyone! The Seattle wooden boat center is run by volunteer members and the sail boats are skippered by volunteers. Drop in a donation at the end to keep this amazing jem afloat.

Every Sunday is free public sailing, year round. Why? Because Seattle people are cool like that. We’ve been going for well over a decade and never get tired of the Lake Union views. 

Sailing is Sundays 11-3:30 with one hour sailing. Boats range from small row boats to 3 mast sails that fit groups of 14.

Line up early at 8:00 am and doors open to sign up for boats begin at 10:00. Turn off your phone and speak to others in your party and group. Old fashioned conversation. So very Guai.

Go to brunch after sign up and ice cream at Molly Moons in capital hill after sailing. Relish and be lazy in blue and white skies.


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