Cherry on top. U-pick Bing and Rainier Cherries 

Guai is a childhood of traditions. June is the beginning of fruit picking outings for our family. 2.5 hours drive and we’re in Washington state’s fruit bowl valley.  We’ve been going back to the same farm in Cashmere, WA for 5 years to pick fruit throughout the summer season. 

Orchards, farm dogs, farm animals, a tractor ride and eating and picking as you go. And saying hi to the farmer and his family. Eating fruit plucked off a working farm’s earth dirt helps remind the kids how important farmers and small farms are for our longevity and livelihood and joy – delicious fruit! The best ones are on the tippy top because they soak up the most sunshine. 

Rainier cherries are the prize with only a 5 day picking season and and Bings 2-3 times longer. We picked 46 pound of cherries, about $100 USD.

Tree climbing day and eating fresh pizza in the car  on the ride home. Glorious. 


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