Sticks and stones 

Many travel far to be closer to nature. Living in Washington state, natural beauty and serenity is everywhere.  Sticks, stones, hollowed trees, tidal pools, trails and clean air as entertainment. 

On the way to Deception Pass state park north of Seattle, we stopped by the shrimp shack for some fresh shrimp.  Local, sweet coonstripe shrimp. A nice beginning for a great afternoon. 

We paid our annual $30 park pass and entered woody trails littered with banana slugs to finally reach the naturally noir rocks, and sea anemones residing in magnificent clean tidal pools. A childhood I never had. The middle class childhood is so different than a working class one. Access to resources – leisurely time, money for a car, extra income for park passes allow some children to have access to things many others would never know they didn’t know. 

I remind my children often that hard work, smarts and talent isn’t enough. The undetermined  factor is pure luck. They have the good fortune to be middle class in America. That’s a powerful launching point for self awareness to go enjoy their life but to also make an impact in our community and the larger world we live in. Self awareness is guai. 

Below, my babies dancing on the barnacle patched rock to a silent soundtrack.


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