Deep Fried Thai basil chicken meatballs 

I like to get fresh herbs from cash and carry, a restaurant supply chain similar to Costco.  Ridiculous cheap prices in bulk fresh and frozen foods small restaurant owners shop at. I buy the fresh foods there like jicama, avocado and better quality frozen shrimp and all sorts of fresh herbs for cheap.  Not much selection of organic but I don’t buy exclusively organic. 

Frozen chicken tenders/thighs I thawed and pulsed. Added Thai basil, garlic and ginger spices, Bonito honadashi,soy sauce (Maggi) pepper flakes, shallots, green onions, panko and cornstarch to bind. Pulse chicken in food processor to shreds, combine with dry ingredients in bowl. Let the kids form balls and into the fridge for 30…then fry em up!


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