Eye level 

Children from the burbs descending buses parked in front of a row of homeless men and women asleep and living their life. It was a conflicting moment but parenting is management and arrangement of conflicts.140 4th graders on a 3 stop 6 hour field trip. 

Unless one works in the area, most Seattleites associate pioneer square’s historic area as bars and fancy galleries the “others” have the leisure of perusing. Today for  10-11 year olds from the suburbs, it was a curtain unveiling of homelessness, bundles of belongings, a shelter and foodline, and foul language scattered about in front of the 3 school buses. 

The field trip to the Seattle underground tour, Klondike museum and metropolitan police museum’s aim was social studies in action. Yep the kids got that but also an eyeful and earful of the human condition. An opportunity to discuss social (in)justice, mental illness, and inflictions on human health. A big day.  


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