Seattle: sultry skies, salmon, stone skipping shores and snoqualmie falls. mountain to sound in 40 minutes

The gray clouds and misty rains of November – March can be difficult but come the next two seasons, the wet Earth sings here in Seattle. 

The kids are moving past playground parks; we now head for bigger open spaces for running and rummaging. Lucky to have access to everything 20-30 minutes drive away.

Another unmentioned place on the Seattle guide book: the Salmon slide at Carkeek park…steps away from a bridge that leads down to a pebble shore perfect for rock skipping  and silence. Snoqualmie falls – 40 minutes from downtown you see water make power at the hydraulic power plant. During the summers, the kids like to swim in the river but today it was catching spray on our faces. 

If you do go to Snoqualmie  Falls, go past the tourist lot and head down  to the the lower falls park and take the easy footpath down to the water. That’s where the locals go…


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