Canh chua – Vietnamese tamarind sour soup for the soul 

Vietnamese tamarind sour soup is like chicken noodle soup of western culture. Satisfying, same basic ingredients, and always soothing. To ease a cold and since summer shorts season is round the bend, it’s time for something lean but filling. 

Sour base is tamarind and pineapple. Dissolve tamarind paste (2-3 big spoonful) in cup of warm water, strain through a sieve for the sour base.  Add tamarind broth to large pot of water, add ingredients below – minus the sprouts (add at the end).  Season broth with a dash of sugar, generous dashes of fish sauce (or soy sauce if it’s a veggie base). Sauté minced garlic and add to broth right before serving. The herbs bring a lemony freshness. 

Traditionally made with catfish but my husband fished with his dad as a kid and says he can’t eat a bottom feeder.  He hates okra but seems to like it served this way…With or without the cat fish,  you can add other white fish, tofu or shrimp.



   Yes this much garlic! 




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