Same scene different season 


 Funny how the sun makes the same place look new again. Wander through the Seattle arboretum to see couples picnic, families strolling and dogs on leashes strut. 

The Seattle Arboretum is a little big gem of the city.  You would never know you are nestled in the middle of the city. I rarely see it listed as spot on the Seattle guide – if you’re ever in town, grab a frisbee and go walking along azalea way and take in the spring summer fall colors. It won’t disappoint.

Then head over to the capital hill neighborhood (nostalgia – I lived in the area during my mid twenties) to Molly Moon homemade ice cream for clever flavors: melted chocolate, balsamic vinegar strawberry, vegan coconut crunch and new seasonal tastiness: Thai ice tea ice cream. Tasty.  Then walk across the street and enjoy the Bicycle polo match at Cal Anderson park.  A fussy sport reimagined for city folks. Guai for sure. 




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