Chinese chive cakes featuring secret ingredient: salted turnip 

First attempt to make these dim sum or yum cha (drink tea) staple. As many Asians know, most if not everything you order, someone at the table will say “oh, I can make this. Such simple cheap basic ingredients.” But we all know they are probably the least likely at the table to actually deliver on that statement. As with any cooking, it’s always humbling how much work goes into the seemingly basic dishes!

Simple vegan goodness. The dough turned out pretty well except I need to work on bunching and pinching. 

1 bag of rice flour, 1/3 bag of tapioca starch and about 1.5 cups warm water. Mix warm water and rice flour in a dry pot over medium heat. Slowly cook and stir it around until a dough ball forms, add dough ball to bowl with tapioca starch and knead.  Sauté chopped chives with touch of salt. I wouldn’t use soy sauce because it will make the filling too watery and break the dough. Steam buns (use plastic liner so it doesn’t stick) and then pan fry. 

I made a 2nd version with salted turnip and garlic added to the chives. The salted turnip is a behind the scenes humble hero – it adds salty crunch. I’ve found the best pad thai noodles usually have a little of the salted turnip added. It’s that salty crunch you don’t expect but makes the dish enchanting.    

See below for brand recommendation. This one is good but if you can find the one with the fisherman on it, it’s better.The turnip should not look dark or super dehydrated. Soak in hot water, clean and then throw in food processor and pulse a few times. Don’t ever use turnip straight from the bag. Way too salty. 




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