Earth colors: the best brown rice ever, pea vine sprouts and coconut soda braised pork 

A Japanese Chinese Vietnamese dinner

The best brown rice. No really! See packaging image. Cook it like you would white rice. No pre-soaking, no paper cardboard taste, only nutty chewy satiating yumminess. I buy this brand from Uwajimaya, a Japanese grocer in the Pacific Northwest (higher turn over than other Asian markets because it’s pricier than most other rice brands. About $27.00 for a 15 pound bag). Once you eat this you will never see brown rice the same. It’s like discovering steel cut oatmeal instead of instant oats.

Braised pork, Vietnamese style. Carmelize pan with sugar, sear pork all around to lock in flavor. Pour in a can of coconut soda, add fish sauce, minced garlic, a tablespoon of sugar, and some water cook on low heat for a few hours. I don’t eat meat but my rarely eat pork kids devour it. Salty carmelized tenderness from the coconut soda.

Pea vines: a Chinese dinner delicacy. Stir fry with garlic and kosher salt. Done.

Braised bamboo shoots: canned or fresh, slow cook in Chinese five spice, soy sauce and water. Add fresh cucumbers and braised tofu.  




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  1. all looks delicious and healthy. I have been eating brown rice more often so this recipe is great (:


    1. guaipai says:

      I hope you find the brand. It’s uwajimaya’s shirakiku private label brand. I have converted so many people to brown rice after eating this.


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