Kirkland, of Costco and lounging turtles. Juanita Bay Park

Went looking to view spring birds but greeted and treated to the silence of turtles lingering on sunny logs.    

The silence and stillness of the minutes punched only with chirping and singing of busy birds perched in the new green growth of spring trees. Wow!  We were all smiling and just doing the one thing most difficult for many: silently observing. Always Guai to be able to listen. 

Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland WA. If you’re ever in town, bring binoculars, your dog and a frisbee and go listening and watching.

Kirkland, Washington as in the name of the private label Costco products. Funny how Costco stands for bulk  warehouse consumer products but it’s private label namesake and even it’s headquarters in Issaqah, Washington teems with wildlife and fauna. Issaqah locally is known for hikes, paragliding and salmon. 



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