Vietnamese crispy petite crepes: bánh khọt

Early exposure leads to life long openness to new foods. Vietnamese fish sauce is not for everyone but a drizzle of it makes plain into sensational. I am working on convincing my son to dip rather than drizzle. 

These Vietnamese crispy crepes require 4 ingredients: left over rice pulverized in a blender, water, coconut milk and tumeric for color. And a dash of salt. Today I used a Japanese pan for the cooking but it should be cooked in a shallow pan that looks like a little more like an ebelskiver (yummy sweet Danish pancakes) pan. No matter – it turned out crispy and was a nice, easy and light meal for the first delightfully warm day of a Seattle spring. 

Traditionally topped with shrimp (sauté with green onions and shallots). Wrapped in fresh romaine lettuce, mint, cilantro, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers and dipped in fresh fish sauce (lime, sugar, chili, garlic, water, fish sauce). See old post “color begets color” for red boat brand fish sauce recommendation.



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