Esoteric luxe: security and safety. Earthly luxe: butter 

I once heard butter was called the passport to pleasure. Indeed. Finally tried deluxe butter -kerrysgold, from Ireland. Since I couldn’t find it unsalted I went ahead and made Coconut madelines (I use 3/4 suggested cornstarch and blend sweetened and unsweetened coconut) and omitted the salt in the batter.

Read a great story about Cooking from other cultures and the questioning of authenticity. I think it’s ultra Guai to have the talent, training and most of all, the intent and heart to learn new ingredients and cooking techniques. To say that someone can not match the cooking of a native or what their mama taught them is simplistic and unflexible. Food is traditional by history but malleable by taste, available resources and just too good to be fuss about self imposed cultural rules.  A family dinner the other night made me feel like such a poser posting food on this site when I know damn well the majority of amazing home cooks never go beyond the border of prepare and share with loved ones. I learned how to make skillet crispy rice without oil! 

A Chinese girl born in Vietnam living in America making French madelines. We are stonger when we cross borders together. Baking while listening to Chet Baker and Miles Davis working some melodic magic –  Delightful luxe.





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