Your kids already love math! Practice math at home 

Happy pi day. A few years ago I started math PTA programs for two elementary schools. It was a direct response to the schools’ read at home program that encourage students spend an extra 20 minutes a day reading at home alone or with family. I wondered why something like math is not embraced the way reading is. Both are essential – along with arts, critical thinking, music and exercise to educating a whole child. And so I started the programs. 

The beauty of logic and reason is all around us. It just takes creativity (ideas in a future  post) but I would like to suggest going to go a great resource, Bedtime math, as an easy start.  Kids naturally love to sort and count, let’s take advantage of this curiosity and harness creativity to strengthen logic. Next time you go for a walk, estimate how many leaves are in the tree, compete to add up all the house numbers, calculate cost of a trip. Rather than count how many cats are on a page of a book, ask your child how many paws are on the page? How many pairs of eyes? Have fun and explain circumstance before cutting into your pie. 😊

Below, posters I created for the kids, teachers and parents to see the connection of math and the world around them. 





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