What a woman of 45 ought to know: 100 years later

Today is women’s international day. If I may add – we need more than a day to remind ourselves and others that effective policy changes, within government and institutions, need to happen before we have equality and justice for all, not just women. Wasn’t it Aristotle that said justice is self interest redirected? So let’s do so redirecting of our self interest.

Perusing thrift shops for old books is a secret past time I indulge myself in. I found this recently. My sarcasm evaporated once I read the publication date- 1902! This was published 18 years before the 19th Amendment was ratified to grant women the right to vote in the US after a long 41 year struggle to champion a basic right.

Life spans were decades shorter a century ago so looking past the title, I can see how empowering it was for a woman to write a book for other women in America. Cast with a modern light (LED of course), there are so some seriously funny statements. See below. 

A new working title might be “what a woman knows and does”. In one century we went from women’s right to vote to a woman running for President not in her twilight of 45 but at her prime at 68.   No matter what your political leanings, that is pretty cool. 

Remember the Aristotle redirection thing about justice and self interest? Let’s also add awareness, respect and compassion for others on the list of things to redirect- these things come from within before it can boomerang back. 



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