Morning motivation with National Geographic Picture of the Day: a definite Guai 

It’s a drag to get out of bed but then comes the get out of the house hurry…

I try to start my morning with coffee and National Geographic’s picture of the day,, National Geographic, rather than the news or messages. Images of our good gorgeous Earth helps me start the day with gratitude, humbleness, joy and sometimes sadness. This helps put other news of the world into perspective.

A good friend is a news anchor and we’ve discussed how certain topics such as homelessness, mental health doesn’t get high ratings but “other” terrible things that happen to people and the Earth…sure that drives eyeballs. 

Today I learned the Bay Area/San Francisco has salt ponds! Being informed, intrigued and inspired, now that is newsworthy. 

Try it and start the day with a smile and awe. It’s a great conversation starter. 

Image credit: national geographic, by photographer Gerald Macfly



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