Fresh off the boat: flavors of home and a first Pai post 

Back in 1978, I left Vietnam in the middle of the night, smuggled out of the country (in a fishing boat)  for 11 ounces of pure gold. So I find it funny and ironic that a show on ABC called Fresh off the Boat has no one fresh off any boat. Sure I get the idea – fish out of water concept – but as a true FOB (a degrading and endearing term Asians like to call themselves and others and apply irony humor or insult as situationally necessary), it’s great to have a show my kids can watch and identify with on television. 

But week after week the one thing that bothers me about the sitcom is…they wear shoes in the house! Oh no! I don’t know a single Asian family here in America or overseas that would be okay with shoes in the house!  We caught 15 minutes of Dr. Ken, another Asian family on tv (kudos ABC!) and same thing, the characters wear shoes in the house. I am not sure who the set designer is but Dr. Ken’s house does not look remotely how an Asian house looks – it looks like a world market store clearance section. Yes my first pai comment! 

Regardless of details, I think it’s awesome that Asians are finally breaking bread with American families. A Guai! 

Taiwanese tea eggs and Teochew style bean curd wrap stuffed with mung beans, wood ear mushroom, shrimp, green onions and secret crunch ingredient, water chestnuts. The bean curd sheets can be added to soups or stuffed and deep fried.




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