Fluent in Vietnamese:lemongrass and shallots – tofu lemongrass bún noodles 

A light dinner to start a high fun family game night. Instead of family movie night, we opted for Vietnamese Lucky Chess and black jack. The later a great way for our youngest to add quickly and quietly in his head.  My mother in law says next time it will be Mahjong which which requires more brain activity…

Vietnamese cooking is about balancing salty sweet, sour and spicy.Lemongrass and shallots are essentials (along with fresh herbs and fish sauce) that carry many dishes from pretty good to super superlatives (and other hyperboles 😋).

Completely spoiled: My parents in Californa grow the hardy-stock plant and hand chops them for me. They bundle them up in small 1/2 cup serving bags and freeze them. I thaw it out a few hours before use.  

Shallots: Slice and deep fry. Garnish with anything Vietnamese and you will pass as legit.  

I really like this brand, Tufoco Bamboo Tree  (translation under the bamboo image reads: brand 3 bamboos) for rice noodles and spring roll sheets. It doesn’t smell like a wet rag! 

Rice noodle cooking tip: cook noodles for 4-5 minutes in boiling water.  Remove the pot from heat and place over a cool burner. Cover with a lid for 3-4 minutes and drain and stain with cold running water. Let it dry out in colander – the more holes the better – for at least 20 minutes before serving. The noodles will be perfectly cooked and not glue.  It’s like boiling the perfect egg for a yellow yolk minus the green ring. 

This can easily be vegan if the fish sauce dipping sauce is replaced with soy sauce. Dilute soy sauce with water, sugar, lime, chile and garlic.  





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