End the rice rut with matcha green tea jasmine rice: Ten Ren and Tatung

Next time you’re in a rice rut, sprinkle about 3/4 tablespoon (per cup of uncooked rice) of green tea matcha and cook the rice as usual. The gorgeous aroma and delicate taste will elevate a routine stir fry dinner. 

Many Chinese families here and abroad turn to Ten Ren tea brand for quality and taste.  They have a broad selection of loose teas and in Asia and larger US cities, tea shops for tastings. You’ll never go back to bags again; My mom is one of the most humble no fuss person ever but she had to comment on my poor decision to buy green tea bags from Costco. I agree! Bad green tea – those in bags-are a sad and improper use of the leaves.  

Cultural flashback to 2nd grade, circa 1982 Los Angeles, when my friend’s mom asked for tea…I promptly returned with loose leaf tea in a baggie for her. We were mutually astonished. I never knew tea came in any other form other than loose leaf and she had never made tea not bundled in a small square pouch. 

Tatung Rice Cookers are a staple in Taiwanese families. Easy to use for cooking rice, steaming dumplings, making congee porridge, soups and braising.  It’s retro and modern all at once. Simply add water to steam cook; there is no fire or heat to watch. No setting other than cook and warm. Splendid simplicity is Guai.



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