Malleable mung bean noodles: vermicelli with halibut and Thai basil shiitake 

Some of us are lucky enough to know our family ancestory four five generations past. I’m lucky I can trace back ancestors two generations. Many Asians in America  do not know their grandparents’ formal names. In my family – fleeing communism twice in 30 years, China and Vietnam, there were a few name changes and spelling typos along the way. When I suggested we swab for 23 and me and find out more about our family, the response was, what we’ll find out we’re Chinese? Those databases are for European ancestry. But still, I will…add a line of data to the database. 

Guai: Grateful to learn and re-remember family history. Grateful for Google Earth and finding our ancestral hometown. Grateful to learn and eat a new recipe along the way. 

Halibut with baked vermicelli garnished with basil shiitake.  The magic mung bean noodles that satisfy with its chewy vegan goodness. 



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  1. Sabrina says:

    This dish looks delicious! Love those vermicelli noodles 🙂


    1. guaipai says:

      Thanks. Mung beans are almost impossible to mess up. I’ve even used them as noodles in left over udon broth.


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